Apps Associates helps Taxaccord realize rapid time-to-value through cloud

February 21, 2013


February 21, 2013 -Apps Associates helps Taxaccord realize rapid time-to-value through cloud

With a deadline just weeks away before delivery of customer training sessions, Taxaccord, a global tax process automation firm, needed help in a hurry. Apps Associates, a premier IT consulting and professional services firm, was able to rapidly configure and deploy E-Business Suite (EBS) instances in the cloud allowing Taxaccord to meet their customer commitment.

After a quick trial of Apps Associates’ Oracle EBS Test Drive Lab in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, Taxaccord contacted Apps Associates for assistance. Apps Associates Cloud Service team was able to set up four EBS training environments to facilitate Taxaccord’s customer training program in North America. The entire set up was completed in a short span of two weeks, giving Taxaccord experts enough time to test, rehearse and prepare the training. Taxaccord realized rapid time-to-value and immeasurable benefit in both opportunity cost and customer satisfaction. They would not have been able to meet the deadline without deployment of the cloud-based instances of EBS provided by Apps Associates.

Apps Associates used its deep expertise in cloud computing and Oracle technologies to deploy Taxaccord’s E-Tax web application in Amazon Web Services Cloud. Taxaccord now has a flexible and pay as you go training infrastructure, that provides best support experiences with a host of other services to its ever-expanding customer base.

“Following the successful launch of Oracle EBS Test Drive environments, we are committed to simplify the process of migrating Oracle applications and technologies to the cloud and strengthening our capabilities as a preferred technology partner to the industry,” notes Bill Saltys, VP Operations, Apps Associates.

Apps Associates offers end-to-end IT consulting and business services to its clients, right from the initial implementation stage to the deployment and support stages using a proven integrated approach to delivery.

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