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27 May, 2019 - Bill Saltys answers Tim Sandle at Digital Journal about businesses moving Legacy Oracle Application
Bill Saltys, Senior Vice President, Alliances at Apps Associates answers Tim Sandle’s at Digital Journal Questions Around Q&A: Why many businesses are moving their Legacy Oracle Application (You can follow Tim Sandle on Twitter at @timsandle.)

If you are prepparing for a cloud migration, your first step should be conducting a complete analytis of the existing IT environment. In this article you will uncover how to successfully manage all fo the moving parts of moving legacy Oracle applications.

“For Oracle customers with highly customized applications or complex requirements that are not yet available in SaaS, hosting applications in a public cloud environment (IaaS), such as AWS, has become a viable option allowing Information Technology Decision Makers to execute on the cloud transformation and begin to realize benefits from relief for managing the data center.” Say Bill Saltys, senior vice president, alliances for Apps Associates. “For companies that aren’t yet ready to make the leap to hosting everything in the public cloud, multi-cloud can be a good middle ground. The multi-cloud environment allows companies to host some of their data on-premise and some of it in a public or private cloud. This is a perfect fit for IT professionals that are accustomed to being able to physically manage their on-prem applications and are not yet comfortable or able to give up that direct control and management of their environments. Multi-cloud strategies also benefit ITDMs looking to avoid vendor lock-in, as it offers the freedom to mix-and-match where applications live. Secure connections between the clouds allows the multi-cloud model to take even more shape with the ability to move workloads seamlessly between the two.”

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Bill Saltys

The article goes on to answer several questions including:

  • What are the advantages of cloud migration in general?
  • What are the challenges around cloud migration?
  • How can companies best prepare for the migration?
  • What would you say to companies who indicate they cannot afford to use cloud services?
  • Are there any cybersecurity concerns?
  • What are some of the specific advantages for the companies you’ve migrate from Oracle to AWS?
  • What are the key findings from your recent survey of IT professionals?

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