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March 26, 2019 - Apps Associates Research Reveals the Top Five Oracle-to-Cloud Migration Myths

Confusion around security, license compliance, cost benefits and available support are keeping Oracle applications customers from benefiting from the cloud

Boston, MA. – Apps Associates, an expert cloud migration and managed services provider, today shared the findings of its report evaluating the state of the cloud migration landscape among Oracle customers. The research published in Oracle to the Cloud: Top 5 Myths, Debunked uncovered IT professionals’ perceptions around the pain points, challenges and benefits of cloud migration from legacy Oracle applications.

Apps Associates’ report includes insight from 300+ IT decision makers (ITDMs) who are Oracle customers working for established companies, categorized as between $100 million and $5 billion in annual revenue. The study unveils the five key myths that are holding Oracle application users back from experiencing the benefits cloud has to offer, while providing insight into how IT pros can overcome these challenges:

  1. It’s Too Difficult to Navigate License Compliance
  2. It’s Not Feasible to Move Oracle Applications to the Cloud
  3. Cybersecurity Concerns Outrank Cloud Benefits
  4. My Company Can’t Afford Cloud Migration
  5. Oracle Applications Users Have Limited Cloud Options

While cloud computing has become the de facto standard for modern IT, companies running legacy Oracle applications have traditionally lagged early and later stage cloud adopters – and for good reason. While the cloud offers documented savings and efficiency outcomes, these IT professionals have been tasked with weighing those benefits against both real and perceived risks in the marketplace, often times deferring their migration efforts as a result.

“There’s a culture of fear around cloud migration,” said Bill Saltys, Senior Vice President, Alliances at Apps Associates. “While the data indicates the majority of Oracle applications customers are actively planning to migrate this year, there’s lingering confusion about the risks of moving to the cloud, especially in areas such as license compliance, security, performance and support availability.”

Apps Associates research indicates that 2019 is the year Oracle migration will pick up speed, with 59% of respondents confirming they are planning to migrate their legacy Oracle applications or databases this year, and 32% noting they should have done it already. The overwhelming majority (94%) feel that moving their legacy Oracle applications to the cloud would make things a lot easier for their organizations.

However, uncertainty about the ideal pathway to the cloud still reigns supreme, and the risk/reward balance remains unclear. Almost three in five ITDMs (57%) say that while they know the cloud is the way forward, they are not sure how to get there. Meanwhile, 79% of respondents note that while they want to move their Oracle applications to the cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS or Hybrid cloud) they feel there are too many risks associated with moving to third-party, non-Oracle IaaS.

The question of license compliance with Oracle emerged as a key area of concern. Fifty-eight percent of ITDMs report that they are very or somewhat worried that their licenses will not remain valid with a third-party, non-Oracle cloud if they moved, while nearly half of ITDMs (49%) believe if they move to the cloud, Oracle will no longer support them. Demographic differences come into play around compliance challenges, as 62% of ITDM’s in IT for 1-10 years express concern that migration could prompt the chances of an Oracle compliance audit to increase, compared to only 42% of ITDM’s in IT for 11+ years.

This is a major myth that the Oracle to the Cloud: Top 5 Myths, Debunked report addresses, as companies certainly can run Oracle applications in a third-party cloud environment – unless there is a specific contractual provision preventing them from doing so – and many enterprises have already made this move.

Concern over security in the cloud also plays a prominent role in CISOs’ reluctance to move legacy applications. Security ranked highest (compared to all other answers) as a “very important” reason (79%) why these IT pros had not yet moved their legacy Oracle applications to the cloud. Seven in ten ITDMs (71%) are worried the environment will not be secure if they move, despite the recent advancements made by public cloud offerings.

The data also revealed that ITDMs are looking for an experienced partner who can act as a resource to combat the confusion around migration. Almost all ITDMs (98%) say if there was someone who could migrate their existing Oracle applications to the public/private cloud and ensure there would be no issues they would be likely to use them.

For more data and takeaways from this research, please visit Apps Associates’ report, found here.

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