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August 5, 2019 - AWS To Launch New Database Certification Program For Partners

Bharath Terala, practice manager at Apps Associates share his input on AWS’s New Database Certification Program for Partners with Donna Goodison in her recent article published in CRN. (You can follow her at @DGoodison on Twitter)

In this article, Donna looks at some of the reasons AWS is launching a new Database Certification program for Partners.

'We have over 200,000 certified individuals across the globe now, and that number is growing rapidly,' says Maureen Lonergan, AWS' director of worldwide training and certification, citing a newly public AWS statistic. 'We think it's been wildly successful in terms of just the number of people that are interested in it and the growth in the program.'

Amazon Web Services will launch a new database certification to validate AWS partners’ expertise across the cloud computing provider’s relational and non-relational database offerings.

AWS To Launch New Database Certification Program For Partners

AWS will formally announce the curriculum and exam for the new credential at its AWS re:Invent 2019 conference in Las Vegas in December, according to Maureen Lonergan, AWS’ director of worldwide training and certification.

"That is something that we're very focused on right now," Lonergan said. "They are centered around our products today."

AWS’ relational databases are Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS and Amazon Redshift, while its non-relational data bases include Amazon ElastiCache for Redis, Amazon ElastiCache for Memcached, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Neptune and Amazon DocumentDB.

AWS is in the design phase for the database certification.

When deciding on new certifications, Lonergan's team looks at technologies being developed by AWS engineering teams and marketplace trends -- what partners and customers are doing to modernize their skill sets associated with jobs that they’re seeing in the industry.

"We just felt like it was the right time to invest in building out that certification in particular," Lonergan told CRN in a meeting at the cloud computing provider's re:Invent building in Seattle last week. "We have a really strong product management team that works very closely with the service teams to identify products, and we look at how our customers use them. We go through the whole process with a third-party vendor and do a psychometric analysis. We do a blueprint, and we talk about how customers are using and when they'll make certain choices to use a database service. Training is largely aligned to that."

An AWS database certification would prove valuable to Apps Associates as an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, according to Bharath Terala, practice manager at the Acton, Mass.-based cloud migration provider.

"Customers are still questioning whether or not to migrate databases to the cloud," Terala said. “An AWS certification would reinforce their commitment to the AWS cloud being the best choice for workloads, helping to reassure customers that migrating is the right choice. Within our organization, it will enable our database administrator team to better support customer needs and create alignment with their preferred skillsets."

The certification also will provide AWS partners with a learning platform that validates partner competency and holds partners accountable to AWS standards of service, which benefits all stakeholders, he said.

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