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10 June, 2019 - In-depth look at what the Oracle-Microsoft agreement means to CIOs
Bill Saltys, Senior Vice President, Alliances at Apps Associates comments on the Oracle-Microsoft agreement in George Lawton at TechTarget’s “In-depth look at what the Oracle-Microsoft agreement means to CIOs.” George takes a deeper look what the agreement means for businesses evaluating cloud strategies. (You can follow George Lawton on Twitter at @glawton.)

In George’s article he looks at how the Oracle-Microsoft deal could solve technical problems that curtail cloud strategies, letting CIOs focus on business criteria. He also notes that it could also introduce new complexity. George goes on to say that “according to the early analysis, the Oracle-Microsoft alliance could solve many of the technical constraints that determine today's cloud strategies, enabling CIOs to put more emphasis on business criteria. It could also open new discount opportunities, make PaaS more practical for sensitive workloads and enable new database considerations. However, CIOs will need to be wary of new forms of complexity and vendor lock in introduced by the partnership of these two giants”.

Tech Target

Bill Saltys is quoted:

More confident Oracle migrations
The alliance confirms the business case and strategy of running legacy Oracle applications in third-party public clouds as an alternative to maintaining on-premises data centers or renewal of a colocation hosting contract, said Bill Saltys, senior vice president of alliances at Apps Associates, one of the largest Oracle-focused migration and managed services providers in the U.S. with the recent acquisition of SmartDog Services. Apps Associates has been delivering migration and management services for Oracle to AWS since 2012.

"The alliance also enables CIOs and IT decision-makers who are responsible for Oracle footprints to move forward more confidently with their digital transformation initiatives and execution of their cloud strategies," Saltys said.

The alliance could also clarify CIO decisions about migrating Oracle workloads to the cloud. Although Apps Associates has successfully migrated many Oracle customers to AWS over the past seven years, Saltys has found that many Oracle customers had questions of viability and compliance if they ran their Oracle environment in a third-party public cloud. "In many ways, this alliance minimizes, if not eliminates, those questions and fears," he said.

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