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June 13, 2019 - CMS Wire - Microsoft With Oracle: Welcome to the Hybrid, Multi-Cloud World
Bill Saltys, Senior Vice President, Alliances at Apps Associates provides insight in David Roe’s article "Microsoft With Oracle: Welcome to the Hybrid, Multi-Cloud World."

In David’s article he dives deeper into the Oracle-Microsoft announcement and what it means in a Hybrid Multi-Cloud world.

Integration, Assimilation, Execution

Initially, as with all such alliances, the most important consideration will be the process of integration, assimilation and execution. For businesses moving mission-critical applications and workloads to the Microsoft-Oracle connected cloud, it will have to work with high levels of reliability, availability, security and the ability to manage and optimize. That assurance will be one of the most significant considerations during the early stages of the alliance.

CMS Wire

The alliance confirms the business case and strategy of running legacy Oracle applications in third party public cloud as an alternative to maintaining on-premises data centers or renewal of a co-location hosting contract, says Bill Saltys, SVP of alliances at Apps Associates, an Oracle-focused migration and managed services provider.

For organizations that have invested heavily in their Oracle application footprint and are not yet ready to or able to support a business case for a SaaS application implementation, the approach is compelling. Apps Associates has seen this first-hand, working with customers to deliver migration and management services for Oracle environments to the AWS cloud.

Saltys noted that in many ways, the partnership eliminates a level of confusion for Oracle customers about use of non-Oracle IaaS. In his practice he has heard many questions from customers about the viability and compliance of running their Oracle environment in a third party public cloud. This alliance minimizes, if not eliminates, those questions and fears, he continued.

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