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October 17, 2019 - Myth Busters: How to Securely Migrate to the Cloud

Bill Saltys, Senior Vice President, Alliances at Apps Associates provides input on the Myth Busters: How to Securely Migrate to the Cloud in InfoSec Island

In this article, Bill looks at Security and How to Securely Migration to the Cloud.

Security is top of mind for every company and every IT team – as it should be. The personal data of employees and customers is on the line and valuable company information is at risk. Security protocols are subject to even closer scrutiny when companies are considering migrating to the cloud.

How to Securely Migrate to the Cloud

More and more enterprises recognize that they need to pursue cloud adoption to future-proof their tech stack and achieve their business transformation objectives. The agility and cost savings the cloud provides is fast becoming a requirement for competing in today’s marketplace. Despite the growing sense that cloud is the future, many companies are hesitant to migrate their applications as they believe the cloud is not as secure as on-premise. This is a common myth, and far from the truth. While security must remain a top priority for IT professionals during the migration process, there is a successful pathway to safely and securely migrate.

Who Owns What in the Cloud?

In today’s “cloud wars” landscape, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction – and it’s clear that many IT professionals feel the cloud is less secure. It’s time to address this myth. The cloud can be just as secure, if not more so, than a traditional on-premise environment. A survey by AlertLogic found that security issues do not vary greatly whether the data is stored on-premise or in a public cloud. Although there is the belief that public cloud servers are most at risk for an attack, on-premise systems are typically older, complex legacy systems, which can be more difficult to secure. The public cloud has the advantage of being less dependent on other legacy technologies.

Significant advancements have been made to ensure cloud migration and management can be executed in a highly secure fashion. For example, the major cloud providers today have developed a large partner network with cloud-native tools and services built from the ground up to specifically address cloud security. Public cloud providers have extensive security-focused teams and experts on staff to ensure that the cloud remains secure, supported by an ecosystem of cloud certified Managed Service Providers (“MSPs”) who can monitor and assess threat risk every step of the way. If done properly, organizations can take advantage of these advanced products and skilled resources to secure and harden their cloud environment. Most IT organizations, driven to be lean and efficient, simply can’t replicate the same level of security which leverages layers of security expertise and experience. The biggest threats are people related, either through inadvertent implementation and configuration errors, lack of proactive management discipline (e.g. applying patches) or malicious exploitation of vulnerabilities which, unfortunately, originate most easily from someone inside.

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