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October 21, 2019 - Yes, you can reap cost benefits from the cloud

How four companies improved storage, backup, telephony, security, scalability, IT efficiency, and the bottom line by moving to the cloud by Bob Violino

In this article Apps Associates customer, Riso, a manufacturer of printers and digital copiers, is highlighted and Chris Gattoni, manager of IT Riso talks about the benefits of moving to Amazon Web Services with Apps Associates.

When discussing the benefits of the cloud, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not just about cost savings. There are non-monetary reasons to adopt a cloud service, such as increased agility, faster time to market, and lack of in-house resources.

It always seems to start with money, however. Here are four organizations that have actually seen cost benefits from using the cloud, compared with deploying applications and workloads on internal systems.

Yes, You Can Reap Cost Benefits From The Cloud

Riso: Upgrading the IT environment

Riso, a manufacturer of printers and digital copiers, faced a number of challenges with its existing IT environment. These included running business applications on outdated servers, storage and network hardware that didn't deliver the needed performance, operational expenses that were too high, complexity of managing an infrastructure that spanned multiple locations, and working with multiple IT vendors and support contracts that led to significant management overhead.

“We knew it was time to make the move to the cloud, especially as it was holding us back from focusing on our core business of selling and maintaining cost-effective digital printing,” says Chris Gattoni, manager of IT at Riso.

The company worked with Apps Associates, a managed services and cloud migration provider, to migrate its on-premises applications to Amazon Web Services. First, Apps Associates executed a complete study of Riso’s existing IT infrastructure and costs.

Next, the services provider created a proof of concept and validation for moving Oracle Enterprise Business Suite (EBS) and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), as well as backup operations, to the cloud.

With a detailed plan in place, Apps Associates began migrating Riso’s applications to AWS, an initiative that took about six months. Apps Associates started with the SQL server, Oracle EBS, OBIEE and Active Directory Domain controllers, as well as support applications.

Riso also replaced tape storage backups with a cloud disaster recovery service using Amazon S3, and included a site-to-site VPN between AWS and its warehouses and corporate headquarters, enabling access from five separate locations.

“We quickly realized the cost savings of this new architecture,” Gattoni says. The switch to AWS reduced total IT operational costs by 55 percent and cut its backup infrastructure costs by 35 percent. “We also were able to reduce the number of IT vendors from six to three—a huge cost savings,” he says. “Operating on AWS also allowed us to start and stop nonproduction services on demand to reduce operational costs.”

The migration to AWS has significantly improved the availability of the staff and allowed them to focus on achieving business goals.

“For example, one time we had rolled out a new product model that required testing and setting up in different environments,” Gattoni says. “In the past, we would have had to go out and source servers and set them up in a lab. With AWS, we now have the ability to spin up a server and immediately grant access to it, set up rules, and have everything complete in a week.”

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